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Asked Questions

What is your email sending speed?

Our bulk emailing speed is scalable and depends on the brand's IP reputation. If the IPs reach the required reputation, it can reach the capacity to send 1 million emails per hour.

Are you designing the e-bulletin?

You have 4 free design rights for annual subscriptions and we can design the most suitable e-bulletin and HTML coding for your company in a mobile-friendly way. After the design and HTML coding is finished, source codes can be sent to you if you wish.

Do you provide technical support?

You can always send us any issue you have in mind. Your requests are answered between 5 minutes and 1 hour during working hours. This period can be extended up to 3 hours out of working hours.

We have data in Excel, txt file and csv format, can we transfer all of them to the system in bulk?

You can quickly transfer your data in any format and size to our system within 1 minute.

Do you provide an industry email list?

No. With the Electronic Commerce Regulation Law No. 6563, sending to unauthorized lists is prohibited. Since the concept of permission is between your company and the person, any data obtained from third parties is considered unauthorized.

Do you guarantee that your emails will not fall into SPAM?

It is directly proportional to the quality of your contact list. Many criteria affect your SPAM rate, such as the spam complaints you receive in your posts, your bounce rates, and your open and click-through rates. Since the companies that constantly send emails do these cleanings automatically over time, each submission is cleaner than the previous one. In this way, inbox rates can reach serious levels over time. Mailyam automatically cleans the system of email spam complaints and bounce addresses. In this way, your email sending reputation is kept at a high level.

Do I need to set DNS settings etc for mass mailing?

Yes . We send these settings to you by email. Whether you are a computer developer or we can connect to you and do it together.

I do not have email addresses, but I want to send bulk emails, is this possible?

Unfortunately not possible.
We provide services to our customers who have their own customer or member email data.
We do not ship to databases purchased in bulk from the market without their permission. Such a situation will put both your company and us in a difficult situation. If you want effective conversions, you need to create your own permission database as soon as possible.

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